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Easy Patriotic Fruit Pizza
Courtesy of PHILADELPHIA® Cream Cheese
Servings: 12
Prep Time: 15 Min.
Cook Time: 14 Min.
Chill Time: 2 Hr.
What you need:
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+ 1 pkg. (16.5 oz.) refrigerated sliceable sugar cookies, sliced
+ 1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
+ 1/4 c. sugar
+ 1/2 tsp. vanilla
+ 1 c. sliced strawberries
+ 2/3 c. blueberries
+ 2/3 c. raspberries
+ 1/2 c. blackberries
What to do:
1. Heat oven to 375°F.
2. Line 12-inch pizza pan with aluminum foil; spray with cooking spray. Place cookie dough slices in single layer on bottom of prepared pan; press to completely cover bottom of pan. Bake 14 min. or until edge is lightly browned; cool completely.
3. Invert cookie crust onto plate; carefully remove foil. Turn crust over on plate.
4. Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with mixer until blended; spread onto crust. Top with berries. Refrigerate 2 hours.